eBayed Rav4 EV back on the auction block

Recognize that picture? It's a photo of one the RAV4 EVs that was up on eBay last month, and now it's back. The zero-emission SUV was auctioned off by someone in California and was won by another California resident who offered up $58,100 to buy the car. This bidder turned out to not be serious about actually taking delivery of the RAV4, so eBay is investigating the situation (according to the seller) and the car is back on the block.

The car is still in the same shape as it was two weeks ago: 33,000 miles, clean, and is being sold so the owner can get a car with a longer range.

EBay motors has been subject to a lot of shady dealings lately, with scammers trying to get people who bid but didn't win on some cars to respond to a second-chance offer, often for much less than the car sold for. As AutoblogGreen readers wrote in the comments to a previous RAV4 EV sale, a bogus second chance offer was $27,000 for the RAV4 EV. Yeah, right. If you bid on cars on eBay, you probably already know this, but beware of offers that sound too good to be true.

[Source: eBay]

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