A second Toyota RAV4 EV finds its way to eBay this month

Well, well, well. Who says you can't buy a Toyota RAV4 EV anymore? Earlier this month, a RAV4 EV sold on eBay for a paltry $46,000 (down from earlier RAV4 EV auctions that sold for over $60,000). Now there's another of these electric beauties on offer. This particular all-electric SUV is in Los Angeles, California and is currently bid up to abotu $16,000.

It seems every time an electric vehicle is for sale on eBay, the seller needs to explain why they're getting rid of this dream car (remember the Xebra from the transferred Air Force member?). This time 'round, the reason is the seller's job will require them to regularly drive outside the RAV4 EV's 100-mile range, so a new car is in order. The seller (who is also the vehicle's original owner, according to the description) has taken good care of the SUV, even going so far as to have it "professionally washed every week since acquisition". That's dedication.

[Source: eBay]

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