Seat Leon Cupra offers more for less than the GTI

Brands within the VW Group umbrella seem to need better coordination because they just keep stepping on each other's toes. This time it's not Volkswagen and Audi marketing competing models, but Volkswagen and Seat, the company's Spanish marque.

Seat's models are by-and-large based on Volkswagens, but, like the models from Czech subsidiary Skoda, are generally priced below the equivalent VWs. The Seat Leon is based on the VW Golf, and each has their sportier version: Golf has the GTI and Leon has its Cupra. The trouble for Volkswagen is the Cupra is more powerful than the GTI, and hits the British market (for reference) at £400 less than its German sibling.

Volkswagen may not subscribe to the "race on Sunday, sell on Monday" theory, but meanwhile Seat has been cleaning house in the touring cars (especially in England). Based on their racing expertise, Seat has managed to squeeze an extra 30 horses out of the 2-liter turbo four that powers its Leon Cupra and the GTI. Unlike the three-door GTI, the 237-hp Seat is a five-door hatch and reaches 100km/h (62mph) in 6.4 seconds. Also part of the Cupra package are 18" rims with red calipers peering through, a sport-oriented cockpit and the option of that wonderful DSG dual-clutch transmission.

With the added aggressive styling (which is, admittedly, a matter of taste) and the Seat Leon Cupra makes for a tempting alternative for GTI buyers across the pond.

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[Source: Motor Authority]

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