Ford working to buy Brazilian automaker Troller

Man, I wish I spoke Portuguese. There's news out recently that Ford Brazil is looking to buy Brazilian automaker Troller Veiculos Especiais SA, which makes two models of off road vehicles, the Jeep-like T4 and the Pantanal truck. Hearing this, and knowing Brazil's ethanol-happy auto market, I thought I'd try and see if this buyout might be an under-the-radar way for Ford to boost its E85 plans in America. No such luck.
Because the Troller site is all in Portuguese, I turned to Google Translate to help out, and I discovered that Troller makes only diesel vehicles, so no help there with E85. But perhaps Ford is interested in Troller's drive-by-wire technology, which can be found in Troller's 2007 T4.

Troller is a nine-year-old company with a production capacity of about 400 vehicles a month. The acquisition should be finished soon, the O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported Thursday.

[Source: Dow Jones Newswires / Rogerio Jelmayer via Autoblog]

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