Buick admits to teasing us with Tiger vid

I guess we can bill this as Update 2. We just showed you the video of Tiger Woods and the new Enclave and speculated that this "hidden cam" vid might be a fake. Not rocket science to figure that out, but until we had confirmation, we didn't want to call BS on GM. Well, they just called BS on themselves.

While the 60-second YouTube clip appeared to be a bootleg, the Buick logo at the end was a big tip-off. According to The Detroit News, Buick spokesman David Darovitz admitted that "the video was shot two weeks ago in Los Angeles to build excitement for the Enclave's world introduction Nov. 28 at the Los Angeles Auto Show."

"We wanted to do something different," Darovitz said. "The idea was to make it look like a video stolen from an advertising shoot. We knew we weren't going to fool anybody. We just wanted to do something different that would create buzz."

With more than 9,500 hits, we'd say mission accomplished. This does show, however, how automakers are getting more creative in their marketing, trying to tap into non-traditional media outlets. Pontiac and Scion are in Second Life, and now Buick has a YouTube viral. We understand that these are two signs of the Apocalypse.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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