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The Hammerhead: Is this the flying car we've been waiting for?

The Moller SkyCar. The Terrafugia. The Alfa Romeo Spix flying concept car. All three of these winged machina have been dangled in our faces like a carrot at the end of an impossibly long stick. Jeff Allen Case is hoping he'll be the first to deliver on the promise of flying cars with his Hammerhead prototype. He's a few steps behind the Moller SkyCar and Terrafugia, having only a couple renderings of the Hammerhead and a spec sheet that exists on paper only. The Hammerhead has a three-fan configuration with two forward fans that tilt for both lift and thrust. Though we weren't told what engine would power the Hammerhead, Case says he expects a top speed of 250 mph at 8,000 ft. with a range of 300 miles. It both takes off and lands vertically, and Case claims the vehicle is characterized by being lightweight, easy to operate, safe and fast. The renderings show a one-seater cockpit, but the production version would seat two in tandem. Of course, a production version is the next step that the Hammerhead won't reach until Case finds some funding. He's hoping Jay-Z or P. Diddy might be interested in supplying the Benjamins needed to put the Hammerhead in production, but we suggest he go for that second mortgage and enter his design in NASA's Personal Air Vehicle Challenge. Perhaps he can catch the attention of some deep pockets at DARPA.

Follow the jump for an additional high resolution shot of the Hammerhead.

[Source: Jeff Allen Case]

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