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Alfa Romeo Spix flying concept car

What you're looking at could be the 2056 Alfa Brera with the optional hover package. Called the Alfa Romeo Spix flying concept car, it was designed by a 2-D/3-D artist from Belgium (we think) who posted pics of his creation along with an absolutely stunning video on Can you believe he does this for fun? (Actually, it appears he's begun a small design firm, but we can't confirm that due to the language barrier.) Known as Creatix on the CGFolks forum, the artist explains his attempt to fuse an impression of power and robustness in a design that reflects what Alfa Romeos might look like in 50 years. The concept is very creative and just goes to show how much untapped creative talent is out there. We're just saying, an automaker could do worse than having someone like Creatix on the payroll.

(Follow the jump for a rear shot and an amazing cgi video of the Spix flying concept car)

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The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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