Biodiesel on MySpace - It's busy out there

While spending some time the other day reading posts in the new biodiesel in schools Yahoo! group, I saw someone mention the MySpace profile of Biodiesel Rocks, a high school student group project. This led me to check out the biofuel scene on MySpace, which I found is pretty packed. Well, for one biofuel at least. In the continuing category of what's different between biodiesel and ethanol, let's just say that ethanol producers and groups haven't added Tom as their MySpace friend yet.
If you're into MySpace and want to be virtual friends with biodiesel folks, here's a rundown of some MySpacers whose focus on the site is biodiesel, along with a quote from their page for flavor.
  • Biodieselfuel: "I flow like music and can be used in the following industries: electric generation, farming, fleets, heating oil, marine, mining, passenger cars & trucks, school buses, and transit."
  • Mr. Biodiesel: "Is the US Ethanol Crazy? What about Biodiesel?"
  • Bay Area Biofuel (formerly Bay Area Biodiesel): "Where the Gas is Always Greener & Always For Sale."
  • Bay Biodiesel: "Bay Biodiesel, LLC, was formed by a local San Francisco Bay Area husband and wife team, Patrick and Lori O'Keefe. Patrick O'Keefe is currently the Vice President of Golden Gate Petroleum (GGP), a family-owned and family-operated business. GGP is one of the largest petroleum and biodiesel distributors on the West Coast. Patrick grew up surrounded by petroleum industry business matters, with excellent tutoring from his father Dennis, and although not confirmed by our ASTM testing methods, anyone who knows Patrick can assure you that he has fuel running through his veins."
  • Biodiesel Mama: "Governments can choose (or not) to make all the policy decisions and laws they want, but true change has to happen on a individual level with personal choices and personal responsibility to change."
  • Biodiesel Dork: "Interests: Guitar - Just strummin around for fun. Working on cars. Especially diesels. Computer stuff. Making Diesel from Veggie Oil."

[Source: MySpace]

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