Forget Avis car rental, think Avis car sharing for families who downsize their autos

Now this is thinking positive. Avis car rentals in the UK is pitching itself as an option for people who are downsizing the vehicles they own, but find themselves needing their old car again. If you've traded in your truck for a compact, but need to move a sofa across town, why not rent a truck from Avis, is the idea. Don't think of it as renting a car, think of it as carsharing the way your parents used to do it. While this campaign could have been implemented at any time, Avis is highlighting the possibility now in the wake of the Stern Review Report into the Economics of Climate Change in the UK, which may impose "green taxes" on individuals.
I like the simplicity of what Stuart Gent, Managing Director, Avis UK, says about using Avis as a part-time family car, "There is no need to run a more expensive, less fuel-efficient larger car every day when in reality you only need one for a couple of weeks a year." Of course, this applies to any car rental company, but I'll give Avis points for trying to make reducing our individual automobile needs.

As a company, Avis UK has been working with CarbonNeutral Company to plant trees and fund renewable energy programs and is looking to introduce hybrids to the rental fleet. So do it already.

[Source: Avis UK]

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