Suzuki working on the MIO, a hydrogen fuel cell wheelchair. Who wants one?

Suzuki wants to move more than just drivers with hydrogen fuel cells. The automaker is working to develop a wheelchair that moves on electricity, which is produced in a fuel cell from methanol. The Suzuki Mio can operate for about 25 miles on a four-liter tank. The fuel cell uses the methanol to create hydrogen and electricity, and Li-ion batteries save up what isn't used right away.

The art released by Suzuki, as you might be able to see, shows the wheelchair with "FC Seniorcar" stenciled on the side. Guess who the target market is? Actually, it's no one, at the moment. Suzuki is just developing the prototype and will see if anyone out there wants a hydrogen-powered wheelchair. Last time I checked, seniors were not the earliest adopters of new technologies, so this might be a hard sell. But if Suzuki can make it work easily and cheaply, I'm sure there are some of our elders out there who will want to keep on being green as they age. Still, is a fuel cell wheelchair any greener than the electric ones we have now?

[Source: Suzuki]

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