How many planets do we need to sustain this lifestyle? Two? Whoops

I like writing about green cars because we need a cleaner and better way to get around. I'm lucky, because I often don't need a car. I ride a bike and live close to stores and other places I need to be. I drive when I have to (hell, last week, I even rented a Jeep SUV because Thrifty messed up and didn't have the economy car I requested, but that a story for another post. Coming soon). Still, it's good now and again to step back, get out of the hows and whys of green car technology and think about why all this is so important. Perhaps you thought about this when you saw An Inconvenient Truth (which I still haven't seen) or Who Killed the Electric Car? (which I have). Maybe you get inspired to think about the fate of the planet by your little garden out back or the trees in the nearby park. Whatever the impetus, driving smarter is about a cleaner and less devoured environment. It is to me, anyway.
So I was a bit taken aback by the information in this post over at Zap World. Zap Cars has been moving along for a dozen years now, and they still keep their eye firmly on the reason they do what they do. They are building electric cars because the world is steadily getting dirtier. Zap World recently pointed to this bit of news from the latest report from the WWF (World Wildlife Fund): "If human consumption in all of its forms continues at current rates, two planets would be needed to meet global demand by 2050".

That's just scary, because, well, we've only got one planet. I'm sure there are people out there who will argue about the validity of the study, and/or adopt the WIRED-magazine attitude that all of our problems can be solved by technology, or in some other way politely ignore the truth that we use more than we should. Whatever their arguments are, they all sound like new ideas for the Titanic deck chairs to me. I'd rather try and right the ship. I'd like to hear in the comments what you've done today to clean the world. And yes, if you're in America, then you might be able to count voting today as doing your part. Tomorrow, though, you'll need to do more.

[Source: Zap World]

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