Australia to rein in unlimited speed roads

The high-speed bellow of a 911 Turbo undergoing hot weather, high speed testing has been forever muted in the Australian Northern Territory. One of the last sacred places on Earth where you can drive at unlimited speeds, legally, has been emasculated by government regulation. They have decided to impose a 110 km/h speed limit on all open roads and 130 km/h on only 4 of its major highways.

Statistics showing that people die at a rate that is three times higher on these unlimited roads than others might have some affect on the decision. It seems that one person dies and nine are critically injured every week. They also have issues with traffic lights as 2,613 cars ran red lights at only 11 intersections in a 30-day stretch.

This decision will no doubt put a damper on the likes of Porsche, Honda, and Ford to return to the region for testing. There are but a few places left for unlimited speed, public-road testing, the majority of them suffering the same fate due to the ignorant few ruining it for us all. Only stretches of the German inter-city Autobahn, rural parts of the Isle of Man and some roads in India are left.

Big brother strikes again! And if we're not careful, again, and again, and again...


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