Spy Shots: Ford Mondeo exits the building

The next generation Mondeo has been spied in alluring black tarps and completely in the buff, now we get a shot of Ford's Euro-only sedan at one of the automaker's production centers in Genk, Belgium.

We're unsure as to when these shots were taken and without that knowledge we're not certain if it's the same vehicle we saw strutting its stuff on the Bond movie shoot or a new model that's production-ready. Judging by the similarities to the previous pics we've seen, not much has been lost in translation, including the Lambo-esque wheels. Which is good thing.

Naturally, no spy shot gallery would be complete without the obligatory pissed-off employee giving the one-fingered salute to the shooter. Right back at ya, buddy.

More pics, including a lackluster interior shot, are after the jump.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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