Here's a video clip of somethin' goin' up in smoke that would make even Cheech and Chong proud. Some lucky owner of an orange Lamborghini Murcielago from the oil-rich gulf state of Qatar has been kind enough to waste thousands of dollars in premium Z-rated rubber just so we could watch him do it. Mind you, with all that smoke, it's hard to see anything. But just listen to the exhaust note coming out of that V12.

Interesting bit of Raging Bull trivia: the engine in this Murcielago is the only V12 Lamborghini has ever made. "What," you say? "Every Lamborghini except the current Gallardo has been powered by a V12." True, and every one has used the same engine. Lamborghini first made the V12 for the 1963 350GT. When the engine was bored out, it became the 400GT. Then it was dropped into the Miura, then the Countach and the LM002 monster truck, then the Diablo and now the Murcielago. Since its introduction, it's been enlarged, its doubled in valve-count, been all but completely redesigned. Today in the LP640, it produces more than twice as much horsepower than the 270-hp 350GT. In over forty years, Lamborghini has changed owners more times than a major league baseball franchise. But deep inside, it's the same engine.

[Video courtesy of Carscoop, engine history from Car magazine]

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