SEMA: Mitsubishi EVOLANDER packs a pocket rocket

The Lanver Evolution is by far the best thing going on at Mitsubishi right now and has been for awhile. The automaker's product portfolio, however, is starting to perk up, especially with the addition of the very capable new Outlander CUV. Still, we can only imaging good things would come from Mitsubishi adding a little bit more EVO to its lineup. The EVOLANDER is just that, an Outlander with a little bit of EVO in its system thanks to the folks at Ralliart. Those hoping for an all-out EVO CUV, however, will be only partly pleased. The Outlander's 3.0-liter V6 is apparently turbocharged, as the placard next to the vehicle refers to its power rating as 300 hp at 6psi of boost. That would surely account for the extra 80 horsepower underhood, as well as provide a little mechanical lineage with with the turbo EVO (although that car makes do with a turbocharged four-cylinder producing 286 horsepower). Because the outlander's a CUV, however, we would've like an EVO version that had significantly more power than the car to carry around that extra weight. 330-350 hp maybe? There are Lancer EVO styling cues around the truck, 20-inch wheels, Brembo brakes and Recaro seats, as well as an aftermarket suspension and center mounted exhaust. Despite the fact we don't consider the EVOLANDER a true EVO truck (maybe 4/5 an EVO-inspired CUV), we still think Mitsubishi should be selling it in limited quantities. Just as long as it's not neutered from the get-go like the Galant Ralliart.

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