Chrysler Sebring ad campaign goes multi-cultural

Chrysler will kick off its ad campaign for the new Sebring by featuring three Asian ads scheduled to air in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco beginning in early December. They are part of a multimedia marketing blitz that begins Wednesday to launch the redesigned Sebring with a far-reaching marketing campaign featuring Mandarin, Hindi and Korean language television spots. The spots will also air on TV channels that target the Asian market, where the Camry and Accord have typically dominated.

The redesigned Sebring is a very important product for Chrysler, as they feel that it's a viable contender against the Camry and Accord in the mid-size sedan segment. Currently, Asian buyers account for less than 1% of Chrysler brand sales, and convincing them that the Sebring is a good proposition when compared to the Toyota or Honda could help Chrysler win a larger slice of the 2-million-vehicle sedan pie.

[Source: Detroit News]

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