Chrysler Sebring production begins

Chrysler began production of its all-new Sebring sedan yesterday at its Sterling Heights assembly plant, and with it, brought a modern assembly approach entitled 'Flexible Manufacturing Strategy.' FMS allows Chrysler to adapt its production to meet demand by allowing the assembly of a variety of vehicles on the same line. Certainly nothing new, but the progressive approach will allow more vehicles to come to market at a quicker rate.

Over $500 million was invested in the assembly plant which, through widespread retooling and production upgrades, will give the factory the ability to produce three separate vehicles (think Sebring/Avenger sedan, coupe and convertible), along with a fourth vehicle if needed.

Last month, Chrysler announced pricing for the Sebring would start at $18,995. Expect to see a coupe-cabrio version of the Sebring at this year's Paris Auto Show, along with the official unveiling of the Avenger sedan.

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