AutoblogGreen Scot Simpers wrote us the other day about a commercial he saw on TV. The ad was for a Subaru SUV (he isn't sure which one, and says he has trouble getting excited about SUVs or Subarus) and mentioned something about the vehicle's MPG rating. What caught his eye was a fine print disclaimer at the bottom of the screen. It said, "Excludes Hybrid Models". I can't find this ad online (as far as I can tell, the Tribeca ad on the Subaru site doesn't include the disclaimer), and I haven't seen it on TV, so I'm turning this over to our other readers to see if it's anything worth following up on. Can anyone clue me in to what the disclaimer is all about? My guess is that the ad claims the Subaru get the best mileage in its class, except for hybrid models, or something like that. Any help?

[Source: Scot Simpers]

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