Pretty in Pink: Bugatti Veyron by Bathing Ape

Did you think the Porsche Turbo with the camouflage paint job was strange? Then try this on for size. Japanese streetwear brand Bathing Ape (think Fubu or Marc Ecko from the land of the rising sun) seems to have a knack for taking the most expensive, exclusive high-end automobiles on the market and giving them a "different" paint job.

This repainted Veyron at least remains faithful to Bugatti's two-tone rule: the side panels get a rather unique pink and purple camo job, while the hood and rear panels are in solid Pepto pink. Just as well, 'cause you'll probably need a bottle of Pepto after seeing this, anyway.

Glutton for punishment? There's an almost as revolting image of a camouflaged Rolls Royce Phantom after the jump. Don't think the camouflage will keep it hidden with all that blingin' chrome, though.

[Source: Ed Spivak via German Car Blog]

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