Watch out, Audi Avant: BMW 335i M Sport Touring wagon

While Audi has at times made some of its most powerful S4s and RS4s in Avant wagon bodystyle only, BMW has never made an M3 Touring. And technically, it still hasn't, at least not in name. But the new 335i M Sport Touring is pretty damn close.

With a twin-turbo 3.0-liter six, the 335i sports sedan is as quick as the outgoing previous-generation M3, but while the 335i may be deserving of the M badge as much as any M model has before, that's being saved for the new V8-powered M3. The 3-Series Touring wagon model is getting the same engine as the 335i, along with big 18-inch wheels, but also gets the added benefit of a 460-liter cargo capacity without compromising its sporting pretensions. Very nice.

The 335i M Sport Touring sells in the UK for £34,920 (you can save almost three thousand off that by going for the gentler 335i SE version and skip the M wheels). No telling if the kickin' family hauler will make it to the US, but we sure hope it does. 'Cause with wheels like those (and 28.8 mpg combined-cycle economy), who needs an SUV?

[Source: Auto Express]

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