The beast within: BMW 335i sedan hits sixty in 4.8 seconds

Hot on the heels of our report that the new-for-'07 BMW 335i may in fact be producing slightly more than its advertised 300 hp, we get word from Car and Driver that the sedan version of the car will lay down a 0-60 time under 5 seconds. They managed a 4.8 to be exact on their way to a quarter in 13.5 seconds at 106 mph. In case you aren't paying close attention, that's what the current M3 does. And with 3,600 pounds to tote around, we suspect that the horsepower from that turbo six is probably closer to the M3's 333 than to 300.

C and D also mentions a lack of lag and terrific torque from the twin-turbo unit to go along with "smooth ride quality, right-now responses, laser-precise steering, powerful, [and] fade-free braking." Exactly what we've come to expect from the Ultimate Driving Machinists from Bavaria. And with a base price significantly lower than the M3 (and the 335i Coupe for that matter) at just under 40 grand, this has all the markings of a stealth steal. Good thing the new M3 is packing a V8 to keep it well ahead of its "lesser" siblings. We'll try to get our gloves on one of each soon.

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[Source: Car and Driver]

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