HUUUMMMMERRR: H3 SUT arriving with extended bed

HUMMER is preparing an sport-utility truck (SUT) version of its entry-level H3, replacing the roofed section on the H3 SUV wagon with a pick-up style cargo bed. Only whereas the larger H2 SUT is the same length as its wagon SUV counterpart, the H3 gets an extended cargo bed.

Expected to arrive in 2008, spy shots are beginning to surface that indicate the H3 SUT will retain its spacious five-seat capacity in addition to the larger cargo capacity. The spare tire will be moved under the frame as the truck will likely have a traditional flip-down tailgate like any other pick-up truck.

As a special bonus, the H3 SUT will offer both V6 and V8 engines, which is a welcome change considering the H3 SUV was a bit underpowered. Still to early to say how big the engines will be, but they're likely to migrate over to the shorter wagon version as well.

[Source: Edmunds Inside Line]

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