There are ramps installed on the shoulders of the highway. Lots of them, actually. And we're not talking about the exits and entrances you're supposed to drive on. We're talking about the anchors on roadside guardrails. Rather than leave the impaling end of the rail exposed, civil engineers slope it downwards and plant it into the ground with a similarly sloping concrete anchor. Doesn't sound too smart to put a ramp to catapult errant drivers into the air in a spot that's supposed to keep them from going off the road, now does it?

British television program Fifth Gear (a competitor to Top Gear) was apparently thinking the same thing, and performed a little test to see what would happen. It's worth a watch, if only to keep you from getting too close to these things. Fortunately, they also show us what the disasters-waiting-to-happen are being replaced with. (And fortunately, they didn't make poor Richard Hammond perform the test...they did it via remote control.)

[Source: Winding Road]

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