Nissan and Suzuki mulling more partnerships

Apparently the partnership between Suzuki and Nissan is one that both sides like. So much so that they are already discussing additional future collaborations. We have already reported about the Suzuki-built, Nissan-badged Moco minicar, the Nissan-built, Suzuki-badged Jimny from Thailand, and then the sharing of another minicar for Europe in exchange for Suzuki getting a Nissan minivan to fill capacity at its Indian factory.
According to this new Forbes item, Nissan Motor Co. and Suzuki Motor Corp are now considering joint production to expand their ties in emerging markets. Russia and Brazil, in particular, were reported production sites.

Back in June the two firms decided to jointly build vehicles for the domestic market, while Suzuki would produce small vehicles in India for Nissan starting in 2008. The newest proposition has Nissan Co. producing Suzuki-badged vehicles at a new Nissan plant in St Petersburg, Russia. That plant won't start up until 2009, but with its annual capacity of 50,000 units, it could handle at least three midsize models.

Suzuki already sends SUVs from Japan and builds small cars at its plant in Hungary for export to Russia. They pulled out of the Brazilian market in 2003, however. Nissan, on the other hand, has been assembling vehicles in Brazil since 2001, including pickup trucks and SUVs.

[Source: Forbes]

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