Nissan and Suzuki expand collaboration

Back in February, we reported on a blossoming friendship between Nissan and Suzuki, which initially saw a modest trade between the two automakers in the form of the 660cc Moco minicar (pictured), built by Suzuki but badged as a Nissan. In exchange, Nissan builds a small number of Suzuki's Jimnys in Thailand.

Now, the two automakers are expanding that relationship to include another Suzuki minicar, destined to be sold in Europe, adorned with the Nissan badge. In exchange, Nissan is handing over the designs for a minivan to Suzuki. The result will push the factory in Manesar, India, where Suzuki will likely produce the vehicle, over the 250,000 unit mark well before expected in 2009.

[Source: AutoAsia]

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