Gilded Lilly: leather-covered carbon-fiber case from Lamborghini

Like many manufacturers, the venerable Italian supercar maker Lamborghini offers a full range of accessories and branded products. The latest in their line of bespoke luggage: the Lamborghini Murcielago Carbon Leather case.

As the straightforward name implies, the case is constructed of carbon fiber and covered in black calfskin leather. To us that seems a little backwards, putting the ultra-soft hides on the outside of the luggage, while the super-strong and mesmerizingly lustrous carbon fiber weave is only visible from the inside.

But that's not all folks. Although constructed of lightweight carbon fiber, the case still weighs six kilograms, which strikes us as a lot for a piece of luggage measuring 60 x 45 x 13 centimeters. The most ridiculous part, though, is that although Lamborghini claims to have carried out "studies" on this item to maximize the minimal luggage space in the gargantuan Murcielago, the €2450 case doesn't even fit the luggage space of the US-spec car.

Thanks, but we think we'll hold on to our money.

[Source: Lamborghini Store via Sybarites]

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