Ford gives sneak peek of 2006 SEMA Mustang

Ford invited some journos out to its Dearborn Development Center yesterday to preview its stack of SEMA vehicles, and while we were unable to attend, the Jaloponians were on hand to see what Ford was packing. The most exciting vehicle was undoubtedly Ford's SEMA Mustang, the bulk of which can be assembled by anyone on a shopping spree within the pages of Ford Racing Performance Parts catalogue. The SEMA edition Mustang uses the GT convertible model as its canvas and adds California Special body kit pieces, as well as a host of go-fast goodies. A Lycoming supercharger, new headers and exhaust pieces pump power to somewhere in the range of 435 HP, though Ford folk on hand weren't giving specifics. The 18-inch black Bullit wheels, Shelby GT500 spoiler and fat black striping spiff up the SEMA edition 'Stang that much more. Other bits and pieces include a blank grille sans the GT's fog lights, a cue-ball shift knob and new accessory gauge cluster at the top of the center console.

Follow the Read link to check out a full gallery of Ford's SEMA edition Mustang.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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