Detroit People Mover open late as the Tigers roll into the World Series

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by AutoblogGreen today. I know it's a big day today, and I understand if you've got other things on your mind. Like perhaps baseball. The Detroit Tigers don't play in the World Series every day, now, do they? I'm from Michigan, so I know how big a deal it is for the Boys to be in the Series.

But perhaps what's a bigger deal than the Detroit team, for some AutoblogGreen readers (those of you from St. Loius, for example) is how Detroit's unique public transportation system – the Detroit People Mover – will be open for extended hours during the first two home games (games one and two of the series). The People Mover will be open until 2 a.m today and tomorrow to accommodate fans getting to and from the games. Park at any of the People Mover's 13 stations and ride the rail for 50 cents.

One question, though: what about games three and four, when Tigers fans will be out celebrating at sports bars around town and will need a way to get home safely after the end of the Tigers' sweep?

[Source: Detroit People Mover]

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