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CarTube is a fantastic idea for London traffic

Underground system would move cars at 50 miles per hour.

CarTube would transport people faster than trains while allowing city to expand greenbelts.

Audi mulling sporty new people carrier and... a scooter?!

Autocar says they have spoken to Audi sales and marketing chief Peter Schwarzenbauer who admits his company may soon enter the MPV market (pronounced "minivan" here in the U.S.) market. Of course, with Audi that means a premium minivan with as many as seven seats.

Ford teases 2011 five-seat C-Max people mover ahead of Frankfurt debut

2011 Ford Focus C-Max - Click above for high-res image gallery

Compact, seven-seat Chevy crossover coming to the U.S.

While GM's new labor contract with the UAW has been out for some time, it took som

BMW to start building sportvans

Could this portend the impending doom of the SUV as family car? BMW will be adding sportvans to their lineup beginning with the F5 in 2009. The basis for the F5 will be provided by the X5. Following on the heels of the F5 will be a van based on the 3-series called, quite naturally, the F3. Underneath the five-door five-placers will likely be found several power options, as well as available all-wheel drive with rear-wheel drive standard. The rhetoric is that large diameter wheels will be avoide

Detroit People Mover open late as the Tigers roll into the World Series

Hey there. Thanks for stopping by AutoblogGreen today. I know it's a big day today, and I understand if you've got other things on your mind. Like perhaps baseball. The Detroit Tigers don't play in the World Series every day, now, do they? I'm from Michigan, so I know how big a deal it is for the Boys to be in the Series.