Fabric roof spotted on 2008 Jeep Liberty

Leave it to Brenda Priddy and Co. to go one step further than everyone else to get the scoop. After pics of an uncamouflaged 2008 Jeep Liberty were released a couple of days ago, she tapped her sources to discover if there were anything else of note about the new model. They asked her if she remembered the ASC Cosmos HUMMER H3 concept from the last Detroit auto show, which, after further investigation, led her to lift her lens a little higher and discover a large fabric roof system on top of the Liberty. The retractable fabric roof covers nearly the entire top side of the vehicle, and if Priddy's sources are to be trusted, it is likely that ASC is heavily involved in the roof's development.
Automakers certainly seemed focused lately on offering unique and creative interpretations of the traditional sunroof, which is evident not only in the fabric roof on the Liberty, but also on production models like the Vista Roof available for the Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX and the SkyView available on the Nissan Maxima, among others.

[Source: Allpar.com]

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