Czech Grand Prix? Prague: the latest potential F1 race venue

As the epic 2006 Formula One season draws to a close, countries have been lining up to put themselves on the map by preparing bids to host grands prix for future seasons. The latest nation to join the fray is the Czech Republic. While mention of the country may for some still conjure up images of impoverished former Soviet bloc client-states, the capital city Prague, which would host the race, is an increasingly popular and cosmopolitan tourist destination.

The proposal, which would see a privately-funded track designed by circuit design guru Hermann Tilke and built in the Prague 10 district, has the backing of the mayor's office.

The Czech Republic, of course, borders Germany, which itself just had one of its races taken away. Hungary, another country that hosts a grand prix, is also nearby. Neighboring country Poland has also reportedly been maneuvering to host a grand prix. Plus, as a European Union member-state, the Czech Republic doesn't offer Bernie Ecclestone the globalization or the escape from the EU tobacco advertising ban he pursues. But while all of these factors may make a race in Prague a tough sell, it may be a bit premature to write it off just yet.

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