Bulgarian Grand Prix? Not likely

Rumors are flying about (improbable) potential new sites for F1 races. Last Thursday it was Alabama; now Bulgaria's jumping and shouting "me too!" The mayor of Kavarna is set to present a proposal next month to the city council that would involve a Dutch consortium investing $19 million (not even close to actual cost) to build a circuit on 250 acres (not quite enough space) in the seaside city. But even if the track were built ("if" being the operative word), that would hardly guarantee them a race.

The most recent stops added to the F1 traveling circus were Shanghai, Turkey and Bahrain... all outside the EU, and therefore immune to the European ban on tobacco advertising that has sent F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone running after the money. Bulgaria is not currently part of the EU, but is in the "accession" process and could join in January of 2007 or 2008, drastically minimizing the chances of their addition to the F1 calendar (especially after Italy and Germany each lost a race for 2007). Nestled in between the races in Hungary and Turkey, Bulgaria's chances seem even slimmer, though their odds could improve slightly if neighboring Turkey loses its race.

Add to all this national epidemics of rampant organized crime and corrupt politicians, and somehow the term "long shot" just doesn't quite capture it.

[Source: GrandPrix.com]

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