Top five ways to celebrate Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel release day

This post was supposed to appear yesterday, but thanks to the 6.7 magnitude earthquake here in Hawai?i, I wasn't able to get online at all. Thankfully, it seems that the quake didn't cause much damage and no fatalities, and being without power or Internet for a day isn't really a hardship, now, is it? Especially when you can go out and take pictures of people responding to the situation (which is what I did, and discovered people charging $5 for a lunch of rice and boiled eggs. Wow).
Anyway, yesterday marked a transition to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel when 80 percent of the diesel sold in the U.S. must be ULSD, which contains only 15 parts per million sulfur (down from 500 ppm). On January 1st, 100 percent of diesel fuel sold here must be ULSD. So, what can we do to celebrate this milestone? What about these options
  1. Claim, once again, that global warming isn't real (politicans and anti-science folks only)
  2. Stand around a gas station and take pictures of the green ULSD stickers on the pump for future generations.
  3. Travel to Europe and pick out a real diesel car to import back.
  4. Demand an immediate rematch with your biodiesel-using friends in the homemade emissions test you conducted last year.
  5. Wait until January 1st. That's when the real party starts.

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