Bruce Wayne or Batman? DC Design Rolls-Royce coupe

Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed a Nissan 350Z with a Rolls-Royce? Yeah, us neither. But Indian styling house DC Design, the same people who brought us the Cayenne coupe, seem to have a knack for crafting the answers to questions no one was asking – with considerable skill, mind you.

DC Comics gave us Batman and Bruce Wayne, but DC Design gives us the wheels that would satisfy both: a one-off custom coach-built Rolls-Royce coupe, complete with gargantuan wheels and trick Enzo-style doors that are sure to turn heads. Details aren't available, though it's rumored to be based on a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit platform. The styling reminds us of such concept cars as the Maybach Exelero and the Peugeot 907 and 908 RC.

Rolls-Royce's own two-door may be on its way, but this one's sure to remain one of a kind – for better or for worse.

More images after the jump. (AutoExpress has a couple of shots of the car caught in the wild.)

[Source: Motor Authority]

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