The boss just wants a simple ride

Think captains of industry are all driving top-of-the-line luxury sedans like the Mercedes S-Class or Jaguar XJ8? Think again. Business Week theorizes that most CEOs just want a simple set of wheels that will reliably get them to and from the corner office and to their next appointment with a minimum of fuss.

According to a pole conducted jointly by and, the average CEO spends less than $25,000 on a car, while only 19% of those poled drive luxury cars. The largest portion is driving run-of-the-mill passenger cars (29%), followed closely by SUVs (24%). Some, like the heads of construction companies, prefer the utility of a pick-up truck (13%) or vans (9%), while a small percentage opt for sports cars (6%). (The size of the companies whose CEOs were surveyed was not specified.)

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[Source: Business Week via StraightLine]

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