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Former Ford engineer suspected of corporate espionage

FBI agents searched Ford Motor Company headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, this month as part of an investigation into possible corporate espionage.

Time for a new "green" award for BMW: SAM Group announced that the Bavarian marque got its fourth-in-a-row Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) award. According to BMW, this new award certifies that they're the most sustainable automaker in the world. How did DJSI make the selection? According to their website, they analyzed "corporate economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues such as corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply cha

We just spoke to GM's Greg Martin, Director, Policy and Washington Communications, about the fuel economy regulations that are being proposed by NHTSA today. Martin reiterated that although the new CAFE rules are tough, it is the company's position that they will meet them just as they said they would back in December when the Energy bill was passed by Congress. At an Earth Day event today in Washington, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters will announce the actual regulations that carmakers wil

Like their competitors, Ferrari uses advanced aerodynamics to keep their cars on the ground. But what if they flipped their technology upside down to create an aircraft? The result could very well be this, the Piaggio P180 Avanti II.

Alan Mulally went to Ford to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and now he'll be able to afford more Hubba Bubba. It's really a stock option bump -- from $5 to $6 million -- as a reward for taking FoMoCo by its earlobes and attempting to drag it out of the mire it's stuck in. We have seen more focus out of Dearborn as Mulally rallies the troops, and the compensation is recognition that the good fight is being waged. Intent on keeping its four-star general focused, the board has also allowed Mulally's

Changes are coming to the family as the Fiat automotive empire alters its structure to give several of its divisions more autonomy. While the Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Fiat auto and Fiat light commercial vehicles have all been divisions within the same corporate hierarchy (not unlike the structure at its one-time potential partners at General Motors), each of those brands is now being spun off and individually incorporated.

Not long after we told you about the likely promotion of Derrick Kuzak to the role of global Car Czar, President and CEO of Ford Alan Mulally officially announced his corporate realignment plan. At the top of the pyramid is, of course, Mulally himself. Reporting to him are the leaders of Ford's three largest units: Mark Fields, Ford of the Americas; Lewis Booth, Ford of Europe and the Premier Auto Group (PAG); and John Parker, Ford of Asia Pacific, Africa and Mazda. Supporting this team will be