Spy Shots: 2008 Toyota Matrix???

Automakers apply camouflage to their test mules in unique ways, so spy photographers are often able to tell what company is testing a vehicle based on its unique "camo signature". These spy shots appeared on the internet this morning of what most auto pundits are calling the next generation Pontiac Vibe, probably based on the strip of camo that's bisecting the grille. After a consult with a friend in the spy business, however, we learned that this vehicle is probably not the next Pontiac Vibe, as the camo doesn't match the tape-and-cardboard job usually done by General Motors. We asked him too look closely at the strip on the grille, and he stood by his claim and told us it looks more like the work of an Asian automaker, so we're going out on a limb and calling this vehicle the next Toyota Matrix. While the two tall wagons are mechanically identical in many ways, each company is responsible for it own styling, and it appears Toyota engineers may have been deliberately trying to get us to guess they were driving a Pontiac. Aside from that, the camo is expertly applied and completely obscures the shape of the rear. If this vehicle is the Matrix, we can see that it grows in size, especially in the front where we hope some new, more powerful engines are being used. Then again, it may not be the Toyota Matrix, either.
[Source: Straightline]

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