Jada Toys' I-Playaz VW Beetle iPod speaker

Brother blog Engadget just tipped us off to something they thought we might like just as much as they did. It's a new iPod speaker system from Jada Toys. Not that the world needed another iPod speaker system, but this one is a whole lot of fun. This one, in fact, comes in the funky shape of a classic Vee-Dub Beetle. The Jada Toys' I-Playaz VW Beetle will sell for $29.99 and is probably the perfect choice for listening to anything from the Fab Four. The Beetle comes in a classic two-tone red over white paint scheme, with chrome spinners, 3.5 mm input/output jacks that double as an aftermarket exhaust system, built-in speakers, "multicolored lights," and an on / off switch. The car actually "moves and shakes to the beat" when your iPod (or other MP3 player) is playing. And there's even a built-in jam to show off your toy while the iPod is recharging. Should go perfect with the VW Microbus LP player you picked up a couple of months ago.

[Source: Engadget]

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