Deep background on vehicle CO2 emissions battle

If you're at a loss to understand the complexities of the carbon dioxide battle waging in the courts between automakers and some states, check out an in-depth 2-part story written by Tim Johnson of the Burlington Free Press ( Article 1, Article 2). Vermont is one of the states involved in the legal action that stretches across the country as some states want to impose restrictions on the output of greenhouse gasses.

While Johnson looks at Vermont specifically, the background information applies to all states involved. In Vermont, Johnson says the challenge of cutting statewide emissions falls on the transportation sector because it's responsible for 46 percent of the problem. By adopting California's strict emissions policies, Vermont hopes to reduce its contribution to greenhouse gasses. The legal battle builds over states' rights and EPA rulings. Basically, CO2 emissions can't be reduced unless fuel economy is improved. That could be a problem in Vermont where 62 percent of the vehicles purchased are trucks, SUVs and vans.

Johnson interviews numerous officials on both sides and scientists. His stories are well worth the reading, even if you're knowledgable on the subject.

[Source: Burlington Free Press]

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