eBay Find of the Day: Moller SkyCar

The McLaren F1, Koenigsegg CCX and Bugatti Veyron all held claim to the worlds fastest car title for at least a short time, by they ain't got nothin' on the Moller M400. Moller M400? Yeah, the Moller M400. It isn't just inching past them either. It will literally fly past these three supercars like they are standing still. It can outpace them by a good 100 mph. Heck, its cruising speed is 275! And it will do it with some added versatility that puts it miles above the competition. Well, 36,000 feet above them anyhow. The Moller M400 is the funky looking Skycar developed by Moller International Inc. and promised to be the next big thing for commuters tired of increasing traffic congestion.

Until now, a few orders were taken and the prototype was demonstrated, and the car even appeared in last year's Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Perhaps not as stylish as the special edition M6 convertible in this year's catalog, but it can fly, remember? And now one lucky owner will actually be able to get his hands on a functioning prototype! You see, company principle Paul Moller has decided to put one up on eBay starting Monday. Starting bid will be $4 million. The company has had some problems recently and is selling this "car" to help clear a debt backlog. Paul himself has given up about $1.5 mil in salary to help out.

Besides being well-heeled, we are guessing that you'll need at least a pilot's license if you plan to actually use it. You'll also probably have to fly out of airports, rather than from the freeway whenever you feel like it. Well, technically the car isn't even road legal just yet anyhow. So maybe this isn't for everybody. Maybe you'd prefer spending your 4 extra-large on something more like the Ferrari 612 P4/5. Or a Veyron and a Cessna or two. But come on people, who wouldn't want a flying car? And since we were among the first to tell you about it, whoever gets this has to take us for a ride.

tip: Andrew

[Source: Sacramento Business Journal]

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