First drive in Koenigsegg CCX

So we finally had our crack at the CCX. And we can tell you that those letters could easily be pronounced "Cooks." After watching others get in all sweaty-palmed and exit smiling yesterday, we were able to try it out ourselves. The "it," for anybody not paying attention, is the Koenigsegg CCX. The newest iteration of the SuperSwede that is now available at a dealer near you. So long as you happen to be in Las Vegas and you stop in the Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace showroom. And so long as you have 700 grand to spend. Follow the jump for more clickables and prose.

The photos and video that are connected with this post are probably all you need to see to know everything there is to know about the car. But we will indulge those of you who actually like to read too. The car is a beast on paper. Capable of returning us to Southern California from Las Vegas in exactly one hour at its claimed top speed, we aren't really sure how they had decided to let us drive it. But drive it we did.

And boy oh boy did we enjoy our seat time. Racer Justin Bell helped us learn the track and the specifics about what to expect once it was our turn behind the wheel. 800 horsepower and nearly 700 pounds of torque are nothing to be toyed with, especially when there are no electron-inspired safety nets in place. But from the way he made it sound, this would be a cakewalk.

The clutch is sort of stiff and the shifter requires a firm shove, but other than that, this thing does exactly what you want it to do in an almost calm way. Granted, we didn't push overly hard because our checkbook balances don't run in the 7 digits of late, but triple digit speeds are easily attainable in a matter of seconds and even maintaining those speeds through turns, bumpy turns no less, was fairly easy. Exhilarating, but easy. The car just felt so solid and well-planted in every section. Hard to imagine how far beyond the realm of mere mortal drivers the limits of this car might be.

So we have to say thanks to everybody involved and let you, our Autoblog readers, know that we understand your jealousy. It is warranted. This thing is awesome. Fast and not so furious. It was so easy to push around that track that it made us think it could be used as daily transport. For the lucky few who have the bank to walk into Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and plunk down $695,000 for one of these beauties, the payout should be better than hitting a Progressive. Special thanks to Drew Phillips and for the collaboration on this project, especially the video that should be up soon.

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