For the naughty and nice: BMW Individual M6 Convertible in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book

Continuing a long tradition of offering special edition rides in its Christmas catalogue, Neiman Marcus and BMW announced today the availability of the Limited-Edition 2007 BMW Individual M6 Convertible in the 2006 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. Only 50 examples of this rare beauty will be sold, but for the pittance of $139,000.00, one gets a 2007 BMW M6 convertible bathed in Ruby Black paint and upholstered in a special Gold Brown shade of BMW Individual merino leather.

We're glad to hear that in addition to the car, this Christmas present also includes a four-night trip to Munich where the proud owner and a guest will steep themselves in BMW culture and meet the designers who designed, or really picked out the color combo, of their unique M6 'verts. One question for Neiman Marcus, though: do you guys gift wrap?

[Source: Neiman Marcus and BMW]

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