Local alternative fuel groups, shameless plug division

Athens, Georgia is arguably best known for its music scene and the University of Georgia football team. Thankfully, there’s plenty going on that isn’t as well known, including an alternative fuel group. The Athens Alternative Fuel Coalition, which this author profiled last fall in the local newspaper, the Flagpole, works to promote both biodiesel and ethanol in the town. Some members of the group make their own biodiesel, and one member has gone so far as to get the license he needed to make his own ethanol in a still. The university has been working for many years to develop better ways of making biofuel from easily available local resources, such a peanut shells, in a large-scale biorefinery. Students at the university are pushing the school to use biodiesel in the campus busses, and have met with some success.

This is but one example of campus activist groups devoted to alternative fuels... surely there must be lots of these types of groups working under the media’s radar all over the world. Promoting biofuels is done by both governments and huge agribusiness concerns, as well as citizen action groups. In Athens' case, they work together. If you know of any other local biofuel groups with a presence on the web or would like to be mentioned on Autoblog Green, drop us a line.

[Source: Flagpole]

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