EV Pusher is a car-and-a-half, and a homemade biodiesel electric hybrid

Based on the people I've talked with and a lot of reading, it seems to me that people's fanaticism for alternative fuels in cars can be measured roughly this way:
  • Biodiesel – 100 percent (passionate freaks)
  • SVO – 95 percent (in the grip of passion)
  • EVs – 80 percent (reasoned and passionate debators)
  • Ethanol – 20 percent (happy farmers, or someone who knows a farmer or a politician. Or Willie)
  • Hydrogen – 1 percent (until 15-20 years from now)
So, what happens when you combine the tough-to-argue with ecological benefits of an EV (powered by renewable energy, no less) and the extended range of biodiesel? You get the EV Pusher, the unique creation of an incredibly passionate alternative energy advocate R. Sparks Scott. The EV Pusher is the front half of a 1978 Volkswagen Rabbit running on biodiesel that can push a 1981 VW Rabbit modified to be a pure electric vehicle. Scott has an incredible amount of information on his website about how he converted the vehicles, where he gets his energy from and what the police think of his contraptions: "I don't know, I didn't ask them," he says.

The EV Pusher is not new, but if you haven't seen it before, it's as great as some of the cars at NextFest.

[Source: Mr. Sharkey, hat tip to SleighBoy]

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