Illinois village cuts low-emission vehicles some slack

Drivers of low-pollution vehicles who need a vehicle sticker from the Illinois town of Wilmette just got a break. The Wilmette Village Board last week approved giving a discount on vehicle sticker fees for owners of low-pollution cars and trucks. The standard cost for the stickers most cars need will jump from $50 to $75 but low-pollution vehicles (defined by the EPA as SmartWay), will stay at $50. Stickers for the more restrictive SmartWay Elite (which is applied to the Honda Civic hybrid and the Civic CNG) will be a mere $25.

The article in the Chicago Tribune doesn't explain what the stickers are needed for, but it's implied that lots of drivers in Wilmette need to get them. The stickers will raise $400,000 for village road maintenance, which means the village won't have to borrow money to fix the roads.

[Source: Chicago Tribune]

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