War declared on Ohio dealership for declaring Jihad in ad

Columbus-area car dealership Dennis Mitsubishi (shown) has drawn the ire of many for producing a radio spot that declares "a jihad on the automotive market". Oh how we wish it ended with just that. The spot also proclaims that salespeople wearing burqas, the traditional head-to-toe garb of Islamic women, will sell vehicles that can "comfortably seat 12 jihadists in the back." More of the ad's controversial rhetoric can be found at the link.

The dealership's president, Keith Dennis, says that the idea was to produce an ad using some of the buzzwords in the media that could be a tension reliever. Mission not accomplished, sir. He also claimed it was fair game to poke "a little fun at radical extremists."

We seriously doubt people are turned off by the ad because it hurts the feelings of radical extremists and no one would want to threaten the dealership's right to free speech, but there's something about being incendiary for the sake of sales that rubs some the wrong way. We long for the day when we can just buy a new car from a vending machine and be done with it.

We'd like to hear your thoughts, as long as everyone keeps the discussion intelligent and civil in the comments.

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[Source: ABC News]

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