Fiat Grande Punto goes 1st class... on a stamp

The Grande Punto has been a runaway success since it was introduced to the European market last fall. The Fiat supermini quickly became the best selling vehicle in Europe, helping Fiat Auto and the Fiat Group post impressive profits. The success has been particularly notable in the UK, where some 20,000 Grande Puntos have found new homes since the car was released at the beginning of the year. So what could possibly bring this little spitfire to a halt?

Britain's Royal Mail apparently has what it takes to make the little powerhouse get stuck in its tracks. In cooperation with Fiat Auto UK, they just released first class postage stamps bearing the front view of the Fiat. Now admirers and competition alike will have what they need to lick this diminutive Fiat. Available in sheets of 20, this limited run of 6,000 sheets might sell just as quickly as the real thing.

The U.S. Postal Service has also offered auto related stamps. It issued some classic '50s inspired stamps at Pebble Beach a couple of years ago. While the Grande Punto might not have the same impact as a 1953 Corvette or 1955 T-Bird in the hearts of auto enthusiasts, that rare crossover of philatelist/car crazies will certainly see that all 6,000 soon find good homes.

[Source: Fiat Auto UK]

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