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Good Ol' Boys Grand Prix? Alabama site interested in F1

Alabama's deep-south image may to some seem better suited to NASCAR moonshine-runnin' than the globe-trotting, jet-setting world of Formula 1, but a new motorsport complex in the southern state is keen to change that.

Alabama Motorsports Park is a $350 million project to be built in Mobile on the Gulf coast and will feature four tracks: a road course, a drag strip, a high-speed oval and a dirt track, giving it the ability to host numerous races for a variety of series around the year.

The project's investors expressed initial interest in hosting a second US Grand Prix, alongside the race currently held in Indianapolis. Given the elimination of Italy's and Germany's second races, this seems like an unlikely scheduling move for F1. The Alabama site is not set to be completed before 2009, though, and if the race continues to fail as it has at Indy, it may be up for grabs.

The last time the United States hosted two grands prix in one season was in 1984 in Detroit and Dallas.

[Source: F1i and the Mobile Press-Register]

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