Tuner Tuesdays: Audi TT by Abt Sportsline

German tuner Abt Sportsline has released the details of its rather extensive tuning program for the new Audi TT. Three levels are available: TT-R, TT-Sport, and TT-iS.

The TT-R is the monster of the group, generating 355 horsepower and making the run to 62 mph in 5.1 seconds. ABT is light on the details regarding how it gets the power number up there, but we'll assume it's primarily through supercharging, since that's how they get 310 horsepower out of the 3.2L TT-Sport.

The 2.0-liter TT is not in any way neglected, either. In TT-Sport trim, the car generates 270 hp -- a substantial increase over the stock 200. With the TT-iS (intelligentSport), Abt has modified the engine management system to provide a performance bump commensurate with the grade of fuel used. When running on the highest grade of gasoline, max power is 240 horses. In addition to that, they offer a gearbox mod that increases the car's fuel economy.

Naturally, Abt Sportsline offers suspension and exhaust upgrades that complement their go-fast engine tweaks, and finally, what tuner car would be complete without the requisite body kit and wheel/tire upgrade? New skirts all around, a fixed rear wing, quad exhausts, and a set of 19" alloys complete the picture, as seen in the attached photo illustrations.

Abt took special care to make this new TT as good a performer as possible because it has a history to live up to. You see, it was their Audi TT that won the 2003 DTM championship. If the TT-R and its sporty bretheren are any indication, Abt engineers needn't worry about sullying their rep as TT performance mavens.

(Rear view, press release after the jump)

[Source: ABT Sportsline]
Audi TT by ABT Sportsline


The new Abt TT - Comeback of the year

With the Abt TT-R Abt Sportsline celebrated the most amazing motor sport victories in the season 2002. Hardly anyone was able to beat the Abt TT-R. In nine of the ten DTM races at least one of the Abt pilots clinched a podium position, and at the end Laurent Aiello won the DTM championship in the yellow Abt TT-R. Therefore it is no wonder that the Abt team from Kempten has a special relationship with "their" TT and it is a fortunate coincidence that the second version of this sporty Audi model just appears on the market when the family enterprise celebrates its 110th company anniversary. At the same time, this happenstance means a challenge for Abt Sportsline - a challenge the team from Kempten meets by enhancing this exceptional sports car.

The new Audi TT is a model which already combines clarity and form with modern technology in the serial car and therefore offers maximum driving pleasure. "This is the best precondition we can imagine to perfect a car," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt, managing director of Abt Sportsline - and presents convincing data:

The masterpiece in the new Abt TT model range is the Abt TT-R equipped with a VR6 3.2 ltr. engine and a performance of 355 HP (262 kW). This outstanding sports car offers real racing adventure for the roads. The Abt TT-R accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in 5.1 seconds compared to the serial model that takes 5.9 seconds.

In connection with the Abt TT-Sport models, the Bavarian team has also noticeably boosted the power of the VR6 3.2 ltr. and 2.0 T-FSI engines . The Abt supercharger kit and modifications of the motor management ensure that the 3.2 ltr. 6-cylinder engine now performs 310 HP ( 228 kW) instead of the serial 250 HP (184 kW). The Abt engineers also did a good job with the 2.0 TFSI engine. They upgraded the serial power of 200 HP (147 kW) to 270 HP (199 kW) with a maximum torque of 350 Nm (serial 280 Nm).

For the new 2-litre TT Abt also offers its innovative intelligentSport-technology. Specific modifications of the motor management allow the Abt TT-iS to be fuelled with standard, super or superplus gasoline. The performance increases to as much as 240 HP (177 kW) depending on the fuel quality. More power – less thirst. With an additional Abt gearbox modification the fuel consumption of the Abt TT-iS can be reduced by up to four litres.

Besides the power boost, the modified design of the Abt TT models was one of the most important factors. In this connection Abt Sportsline has developed special body styling parts that make the TT a real eye-catcher communicating power and dynamics. With an integrated grille element, the front skirt emphasizes the area around the fog lights and single-frame grille so that the face of the Abt TT becomes even more aggressive and marked. The lateral body styling parts continue the dynamical body language and lead directly to the extravagant rear with rear skirt inset and rear wing. In contrast to the filigree serial part the Abt rear wing cannot be folded but is a part that is firmly integrated into hatchback. The result is not only a racier design; it also brings about more downforce. The 4-pipe rear muffler is the finishing touch that perfectly harmonizes with the black rear skirt inset and rear diffuser. To round off the striking overall optical design, Abt Sportsline recommends the 19-inch wheels AR19 and SP1 with tyres sized 255/35 ZR 19.

What is more, Abt has also included a special suspension kit and suspension springs in its product range so as to meet the demands of the power upgrade and modified design.

The new Abt TT with its extraordinary driving performance and body styling has everything a winner needs.

Abt TT engine models:
VR6 3.2 K 355 HP (262 kW) Abt TT-R
VR6 3.2 K 310 HP (228 kW) Abt TT-Sport
2.0 T-FSI 270 HP (199 kW) Abt TT-Sport
2.0 T-FSI 240 HP (177 kW) Abt TT-iS

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