Brown's gas revisted in the Gorilla

Gorilla Development says tests of its 20-cell electrolyzer on a Ford Sport Trac revealed a 1.4-fold increase in city mileage and a 1.9-fold jump in highway driving.

The electrolyzer extracts hydrogen and oxygen from an electrolyte solution. The mixture has been called Brown's gas and is drawn into the intake manifold through the engine's normal vacuum. Gorilla says the mixture increases fuel combustion and allows the engine to derive more energy from less gasoline. Gorilla didn't conduct its mileage test by driving over a controlled loop and measuring the gasoline levels. Instead, it plugged in a ScanGauge computer that gave out mileage readings.

Gorilla officials said the vehicle's ECM required a "breaking-in" period to accept the mixture but noted that other vehicle types are faster in response time. According to the company, the Sport Track was baselined at 12mpg city/16mpg highway. Following the adjustment period the mileage improved to 17 city/31 highway. The 31mpg reading came while driving at a constant 50 mph on a flat road.

The companty's Web site says the Gorilla electrolyzer costs $2,450 plus shipping. The site also says the product is not a novelty item and should work 100 hours before servicing.


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